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Development of biodegradable products by injection.

Since the beginning of 2012, AUXILIARES ONIL, S.L. leads a CDTI project, “Development of a new range of biodegradable products by injection”, in collaboration with the AIJU technological institute.

The main objective of this project is to develop shooting targets by injection and with biodegradable characteristics, with which the new product will have significant added value in terms of harmless environmental properties and ease of obtaining.

The main advantages that the use of the new materials with which it is intended to obtain shooting targets would present with respect to those that currently exist would be:

  • Total elimination of waste left behind in skeet shooting areas, since despite the fact that their remains are collected, small remains are always left on the field.
  • Substitution by biodegradable plastic of other materials such as tar, graphite, ceramic, among others, of the shooting ranges.
  • Replacement of the manufacturing process by a faster and more automated one, such as injection.
  • Obtaining more resistant dishes during transport and handling, avoiding losses in breakage.

During 2012, formulations of different commercial and non-commercial biopolymers have been prepared by extrusion, incorporating additives to induce degradation, mineral fillers and/or natural fibers and have been mechanically characterized.

The project is currently in the validation phase of the different formulations developed. For this, in addition to the tests carried out in the laboratory, it is planned to carry out field tests of the shooting targets obtained by injection.

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