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Welding Services


Ultrasonic Welding of Thermoplastics

The challenge of ultrasonic welding is to achieve the union of different pieces while maintaining transparency in thick walls, mechanical resistance and costs without the use of chemical substances.

Currently, a system with maximum safety, cleanliness, the possibility of automation and quality can be offered, since no adhesives or solvents are required for the joints.

Ultrasonic welding is present in the production processes of plastic parts for the automotive industry, electronic and office appliances, healthcare products, toys and packaging technology, among others.

High Frequency Welding

High frequency plastic welding is used to create quality airtight joints. Perfect for all those applications that want to prevent the leakage of gases or liquids.

This is the case of inflatable articles for leisure, water bags for the home or even plasma bags for the medical industry.

Likewise, this high frequency welding technique is used to create engravings and marks on different surfaces, both plastic and wood.

For example, they can be recorded from the covers of agendas and photo albums to items such as footwear and accessories.

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