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Decoration Services


IML injection (In Mold Labelling)

It is the decoration inside the mold. With this system, an injected and decorated piece is achieved at the same time.

The decorative label is integrated into the object, obtaining excellent adherence, maximum quality and cost reduction.


This is the ideal system to print without inks on paper, cardboard, leather, wood and all kinds of plastics that other printing systems are not capable of reaching.

Thermoprinting, also called heat stamping or “Hot Stamping”, offers unique results and maximum adhesion on virtually any material.

The material is printed through a film that when heated transfers the color to the piece. Thermal printing avoids stains since no dyes or colorants are used, guaranteeing maximum quality and an excellent finish.


Screen printing filters colors through a silk weft and allows decorative motifs to be reproduced on any material.

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