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The priority objective of Plasticman is to achieve top quality products for the satisfaction of our customers based on the injection of quality parts at competitive prices and strict compliance with delivery times. To this end, a commitment to continuous improvement and compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements is established, in addition to:

  • -Maintenance and assurance of the effectiveness of a risk management system and hygiene plan in order to guarantee the safety and health of the consumers of its products, as well as compliance with the legal requirements applicable to packaging in contact with food.
  • -Maintain the quality expectations of our customers by measuring their satisfaction and monitoring it.
  • -Create fluid communication in all departments to obtain a unified and structured production process, understood by all.
  • -Involve our suppliers in the quality policy, so that they follow the pattern set by our clients.
  • -Achieve the best performance of technical and human resources to achieve the best quality and price in the products, through the optimization of time and means in the first case, and through training and information to employees in the second case.
  • -Establish a thinking based on risks and opportunities of the company, by analyzing the context.
  • -Communicate and make all company personnel understand the quality policy so that they become involved in it, being able to achieve the objectives that are set.

Quality Policy

Management is responsible for providing the organization with the necessary resources to ensure both the production capacity and the quality and safety of the product and, therefore, the safety of the final consumer. Being an essential requirement for the achievement of this management, the involvement and attention of each one of the members of Plasticman in the implanted quality and hygiene system.

The company will carry out periodic reviews of the quality policy making the changes that are considered necessary.

Plasticman, makes this quality policy available to all staff for being aware of the importance of their success