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Injection Services


Bimaterial injection

Injection of two materials with different properties and/or colors at the same time, perfectly united. The multicomponent injection is increasingly requested in many sectors of the industry.

By injecting two materials at the same time, production costs are reduced since it is not necessary to assemble parts, significantly reducing the cost per unit.

The quality of the final product is much higher than that of an assembled product since the materials are linked at an intermolecular level as if it were a single material.

IML injection (In Mold Labelling)

It is the decoration inside the mold. With this system, an injected and decorated piece is achieved at the same time.

The decorative label is integrated into the object, obtaining excellent adherence, maximum quality and cost reduction.

Conventional thermoplastic injection

Thermoplastic polymers participate as a fundamental material in our daily lives in a multitude of components, from the car with which we travel to the toys of the little ones.

Injection, with its high production rates and the high quality of the injected parts, has been the quintessential thermoplastic transformation method for decades.

At Auxiliares Onil we combine these advantages with our extensive experience and state-of-the-art technology to meet your expectations in the final product with optimized unit costs.

Our park consists of machines from 500 to 22 tons, in order to adapt to the needs of our customers. All our machines are robotized.

Gas assisted injection

The main characteristic of this process is that it allows the creation of hollow parts, which leads to material savings.

This technique makes it possible to optimize the manufactured parts, maintaining the mechanical characteristics with a reduction in material. The zones requested to efforts are reinforced while the zones that do not work are lightened.

In addition, thanks to the pressure that the gas exerts uniformly on the inside of the piece, extra compaction pressure is achieved, improving the exterior surface quality.

Processing times are considerably reduced, due to shorter polymer injection times and shorter cooling times.

The types of parts where the greatest advantages are obtained with this manufacturing technique are:

  • Parts with small thickness distributions.
  • Ribbed pieces.
  • Thick pieces of uniform thickness.

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